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Being a small business startup usually means figuring out everything yourself. I found Susan at a time when I was really frustrated with spending fruitless hours trying to get things done and feeling like I was getting nowhere. Her WordPress skills helped save me many hours of hit and miss and it’s such a relief to know I can bring her in whenever I need more help.

Susan’s manner is both professional and warm. She is incredibly committed to delivering high value and goes above and beyond in order to help you achieve your business goals. Nothing is too difficult and nothing is too much trouble! What a breath of fresh air!

Jessica Uys

When I say "I feel lucky," these days, you can bet it includes a reference to working with my Extraordinary Virtual Assistant Susan Marshall. She somehow anticipates how to make my job easier and finds everything technical to be figure-outable (:

Gail Gaspar

Career & Life Coach, Gail Gaspar Coaching

A seamless, easy and comfortable experience for my clients; that is what I wanted, and that is what I got from Susan. I need to put all of my energy and attention into what I do best, serving my clients. Now that I have Susan on board, she manages the behind the scenes functions so that I can. My website, technical issues, my blog and more. Much of the time the improvements she makes are not requested by me; she is just on it! She spent the time to understand me, my business and my needs and now takes care of them so that I spend my time doing what I love to do! I have had Susan on board now for more than 10 years, through 3 major business transformations and I can only hope that she will remain a part of my team through to the end. Dependable, knowledgeable beyond belief and available……every time. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Juli Alvarado

Alvarado Consulting & Treatment Group

Sharing my big love for Susan Marshall VA today – she’s ridiculously fast, reliable, and enjoyable to work with! She’s one of the main reasons I’m able to love my business as much as I do – she does all the hard parts! 🙂

Jeannette Maw

Good Vibe Coach

I have really enjoyed working with Susan over the last few years.  She maintains 3 websites for me.  She is easy to work with and if she doesn’t know how to do something, she researches it and finds out.  My business is seasonal, so at times I am too busy to focus on our sites as I am in the field.  She will email me with suggestions for additions, SEO, blogs and other items so she can continue to improve my sites.  She is very good about letting you know when she will not be available.  Other than those times, she is very responsive.  Sometimes immediately, sometimes within a few hours.  As for deadlines, most of my items are not hard deadline related.  We set timelines with her and she sticks to the schedule.  She has met and exceeded all of my expectations.

Shannon McKee

Access Cruise Inc

Susan has been a great resource for my business! She is very responsive to my every request — no matter how large or small! I’ve appreciated her proactive attention to keeping my website running smoothly.

Alida ZweidlerMcKay

ZM Coach

I’m patting myself on the back for finally contacting Susan. The good things I’ve heard about her are true and there’s no reason for me to continue struggling through Word Press. Susan is responsive, thorough, has a great eye for detail. She knows how to make the small tweaks that make a huge difference. My website has never ever looked better.

Lisa Cavallaro

Aim High & Lead

I don’t worry about WordPress updates, spammers, and all the technical aspects of operating a blog anymore. Susan takes care of those little hassles, usually without me even knowing about them, and I can do what I love doing, writing my blog. Since I’m relatively new to WordPress, Aweber, and other online business tools, I find that Susan often answers my questions before I even know what to ask. She helps me pull everything together smoothly and she has even dealt with customer service on my behalf more than once. She’s an online business lifesaver!

Michelle Martin Dobbins

Daily Alchemy

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