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I take pride in being very responsive to my clients and understand the importance of effective and easy communication. My preferred method of communicating is by email and I make a conscientious effort to reply within 24 hours or less.

Support Is Customized To Meet Your Specific Needs

When you need assistance, just send me your support request in an email and don’t forget to include due dates, supporting information and files. You’ll receive a reply back for each task submitted so you’ll know it was received. You’ll also receive a reply when the task is completed. Communication and responsiveness is a very high priority for me and one of the qualities my clients appreciate the most.

I am also available for scheduled monthly client catch up calls to review your site, discuss strategy for current/future projects or just catch up on your business goals. These are great when you’re preparing to launch a new product/service or want to discuss a new look for your website. We can also discuss strategies for increasing traffic with SEO and/or increasing conversions with focused call to actions on your site. You can easily schedule a client catch up call from my contact page when you feel you need one.

When I say "I feel lucky," these days, you can bet it includes a reference to working with my Extraordinary Virtual Assistant Susan Marshall. She somehow anticipates how to make my job easier and finds everything technical to be figure-outable (:

Gail Gaspar

Career & Life Coach, Gail Gaspar Coaching

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HostGator Web Hosting


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