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The WordPress Assistant blog is where you can find expert tips and practical advice on maintaining and updating your WordPress website. I'll try to break the information down so it's easy to read, understand and implement.

What Does Bounce Rate Mean?

As you view your website’s Google Analytics, you may have noticed a metric called Bounce Rate. Have you ever wondered what does bounce rate mean? This is the percentage of visitors who have arrived at your website on any single page and left your site from the same page without visiting any other pages. The bounce rate is displayed as a percentage for the entire site and can also be viewed for each individual webpage.

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Benefits of HTTPS and SSL Certificates

Is it time to move your site to HTTPS? For me the answer was yes. First: It’s a ranking signal for Google. For a while now I’ve been following SEO experts and learning as much as I can about SEO to improve my own website and my client’s websites. I’ve heard multiple times about how having a secure site (https) is a ranking signal for Google. Although Google doesn’t really put out a list of all their ranking factors, this one they did mention and encourage.

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3 Website Legal Documents You Need Now

Website legal documents have always been important but with the GDPR taking effect soon, it’s more important than ever. If you don’t have these documents yet or haven’t updated them recently, you are not ready. Take action and protect yourself from legal risk and fines!

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Update Your Google Analytics Data Retention Settings

Just because you are not using this data today, doesn’t mean you might not want to in the future. Protect your ability to use your historical data in the future by adjusting your data retention controls to “Do not automatically expire.” If you do nothing, the setting with default to 26 months leaving you only a little over two years of historical data to analyze at any time. Why risk it?

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The Evolution of Websites Over Time

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine Have you ever wanted to check out what your site or someone else's looked like a year ago or more? The Wayback Machine takes snapshots of websites over time and allows people to view these archived versions. Just enter your site...

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Finding the actual search terms for your website?

Using Google Webmaster Tools Google Webmaster Tools is a valuable and free resource to help you monitor your presence in the Google search results and find the actual search terms for your website. Exploring Actual Search Terms Webmaster Tools allows you to see how...

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