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Website Design and Web Development by a WordPress Virtual Assistant

Every web design project is different and the time it takes is based on your specific website requirements.

If you're ready to begin the process of creating a new WordPress website or redesign you're existing website, I'm here to make it happen. You'll receive a website that is custom built for you and I'll answer any questions you have along the way.

Here's what you can expect from me:


Defining Your Requirements

We'll start with a web design consultation to discuss what your requirements are for your site. Your website will be custom designed and built to meet specific needs. As we proceed with your web design project, we'll communicate regularly to make sure those requirements are being met.

Answering Your Questions

It's okay if you're unsure as to what theme, plugins or additional services you need. There are many options to choose from and I can help you make those decisions. I'll answer all of your questions as you have them and make recommendations based on my years of experience with WordPress and web design.

Communicating Regularly

Communication is so important with any relationship and this one's no different. You can email me 24/7 with any questions, comments and feedback on your web design project. You can also schedule a client call with me at your convenience and as often as you like. As I work on your website, you'll receive regular communication from me.

Providing You A Quality Website

You'll receive a quality web site that is created to meet your needs. Your site will be mobile responsive, which is extremely important for many reasons. It will be ready for SEO, Google Analytics integration and linked to your social media profiles. You will also have access to a premium manual and training videos built into your site.

Please Note:

  • I do not work on rush projects. If you need your project completed in two weeks or less, then I can't help you.
  • All sites will be SEO ready. Additional SEO work can be added but will require more time to complete the project.

A seamless, easy and comfortable experience for my clients; that is what I wanted, and that is what I got from Susan. I need to put all of my energy and attention into what I do best, serving my clients. Now that I have Susan on board, she manages the behind the scenes functions so that I can. My website, technical issues, my blog and more. Much of the time the improvements she makes are not requested by me; she is just on it! She spent the time to understand me, my business and my needs and now takes care of them so that I spend my time doing what I love to do! I have had Susan on board now for more than 10 years, through 3 major business transformations and I can only hope that she will remain a part of my team through to the end. Dependable, knowledgeable beyond belief and available......every time. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Juli Alvarado

Alvarado Consulting & Treatment Group

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