WordPress Virtual Assistance

Monthly Technical Assistance For Your Small Business Website

I offer you a peace of mind and the assurance that you have a skilled WordPress professional to ensure your website is online, safe and performing optimally.

You'll get technical assistance for all the technical stuff you don't want to do.

WordPress website care includes WordPress core updates, plugin updates, theme updates, regular cloud backups, regular site monitoring, regular database optimization, performance checks, security checks and on-call technical support for any website related issue.

I do all of my own work and don't contract anything out unless you ask me to. And, I limit the number of clients I work with so you'll receive timely responses to your requests for support.

    WordPress Virtual Assistance & Technical Support – $350/monthly

    • Updates to WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes
    • Full backups to Amazon S3
    • Security & Up-time Monitoring
    • Technical Virtual Assistance – For fixing things that break, making updates, creating blog posts, SEO support and more. I'm also available for monthly or bi-weekly client calls for catching up, discussing projects and prioritizing tasks. I can also train you or someone on your staff on how to use WordPress.
    • Extra Support Included – Also includes services like training, SEO, website design, blog post formatting, email marketing, website migration, domain changes, hacking repair and more. Services are based on what you need help with the most.
    • Limited Openings – Offering free consultations to see if we're a good match. I only work with up to a dozen clients each month so I can provide you with great service.

    I have really enjoyed working with Susan over the last few years.  She maintains multiple websites for me.  She is easy to work with and if she doesn’t know how to do something, she researches it and finds out.  My business is seasonal, so at times I am too busy to focus on our sites as I am in the field.  She will email me with suggestions for additions, SEO, blogs and other items so she can continue to improve my sites.  She is very good about letting you know when she will not be available.  Other than those times, she is very responsive.  Sometimes immediately, sometimes within a few hours.  As for deadlines, most of my items are not hard deadline related.  We set timelines with her and she sticks to the schedule.  She has met and exceeded all of my expectations.

    Shannon McKee

    Access Cruise Inc