WordPress Virtual Assistance

Very Experienced, Dependable and Committed to YOUR SUCCESS!

I'm a real person, based in Phoenix Arizona.
You'll work with me and only me every month. No more worries about who you'll talk to or email about your website. I never use contractors unless you specifically ask me to.

Communication is via email and phone.
You can ask for assistance with the same ease as sending an email and you'll receive a reply within 24 hours or less. Or, I'm also available for scheduled calls to discuss projects and tasks in more detail when you need it.

WordPress Monthly Maintenance

All the important parts of WordPress maintenance including updates, backups, database optimization, broken link monitoring, up-time monitoring. Also included is setup and installation of new plugins.

Website Virtual Assistant

You create the content and I'll help you format it for maximum user engagement. I'll also help you source high quality images if needed. You'll notice the difference the extra formatting touches will make to your online presence.

Email Marketing Virtual Assistant

Working with the most popular email marketing systems, Aweber and MailChimp. There's a lot you can do with these systems today to promote your business and automate your processes. I'll help you get it done with ease.

Technical Virtual Assistant

Includes support and consulting for all of the online accounts you use for your business. You'll have access to me for brainstorming ideas, product development, website redesigns and much more.

SEO Virtual Assistant

Taking the content you've already published and adding the meta tags and on-page optimization to boost your presence in the search results. I'll also guide and instruct you on how to incorporate SEO into your site and content.

Web Design Virtual Assistant

Debugging and technical assistance with domain transfers, WordPress errors, web hosting migrations, new WordPress installations, page redirects and much more. Figuring out errors, issues and processes is what I enjoy and do best.

When I say "I feel lucky," these days, you can bet it includes a reference to working with my Extraordinary Virtual Assistant Susan Marshall. She somehow anticipates how to make my job easier and finds everything technical to be figure-outable (:

Gail Gaspar

Career & Life Coach, Gail Gaspar Coaching

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(Many other services are also supported. This is just a partial list.)


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