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SEO is a critical area for every website that wants to be found in the search results. Customers and clients that find you in this organic way are more likely to be a good match for the service and products you offer. I have personally found that I get better leads from Google than I do from referrals alone.

Whether you hire an a virtual assistant to help with your SEO or want to learn how to do it yourself without getting overwhelmed, you've come to the right place. Congratulations on taking the first step and acknowledging the importance of SEO to your website and business.

Please continue reading for my philosophy and approach to SEO for WordPress. If you have any questions, you can send me your SEO questions using the form at the bottom of this page.


My SEO Philosophy & Approach

Content Rules

The most important key to any SEO is quality content. Even if you do nothing else, creating quality content that is focused on your unique offering and topic matter will eventually get you found and ranking well in the search engines. You are the best author of content for your site and because of this, you should write your own content.

SEO Is A Fluid Process

There are many factors that impact your search engine rankings and because of that, you will find that your rankings will rise and fall even when you do nothing. Things that can impact your rankings include: changes to your competitors sites, changes you make to your site, changes in the algorithms that determine rankings, how many pages people visit on your site, how long people stay on your site, and many many more. Just as your business is not static, your SEO is not static. It’s an ongoing part of your website maintenance and website marketing efforts.

Measure Your SEO Efforts

Before you start any SEO work, get a snapshot of your current traffic. After looking at your website statistics, make a plan and set goals for your SEO efforts. Know what you’re working towards. Are you trying to gain more traffic? Are you trying to get existing traffic to convert? Ask yourself WHY to everything.

Focus on Quality Leads Over Quantity

As a general rule, you will find more successes by focusing on quality of quantity of visitors. Focus on those keyword phrases that will bring targeted leads. Keywords like this may not be searched on much as more popular keywords but they will bring you more qualified visitors. Quality visitors will stay on your site longer and be easier to convert into leads and customers.

Want To Know More About How To Preform Your Own WordPress SEO?

I have a easy to read How to SEO your WordPress Website cheat sheet to get you started. It includes 6 easy steps and links to the resources that I use for my own SEO work. Just provide your first name and email and I’ll send it to your inbox now.

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